Abandoned Couches

Welcome! by Peggy Archer
September 13, 2006, 4:34 pm
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I’m spinning off the “Couch of the Day” feature on my other blog, Totally Unauthorized, to this site, because I’ve gotten so many contributions of really cool couches!

Email (randomblogmail at yahoo dot com) me to be put on the members list and start posting your own couches!

Here are my suggestions:

Couches should actually be abandoned. While it’s amusing to see that someone’s put the living room set in the front yard, if that furniture’s still in use, it doesn’t count.

No trespassing onto private property (hey, I live in an area were security gets called if I stand in someone’s front yard. You might have better luck where you are).

If there’s a homeless person sleeping on the couch, come back later and give him or her some privacy. There but for the grace of… you know the rest (This one is a VERY STRONG suggestion – to the point that this or a paragraph full of racial slurs will be just about the only things that’ll cause me to delete your post).

Give a brief description of where the couch is, and if possible, show a bit of the neighborhood!

Have fun, everybody!

Here’s one to start:

Mass couch suicide.

Bronson Ave. at Santa Monica Blvd.

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Whoo hoo! We should not rest until all abandoned couches are documented!

Comment by cybele

Like she said: “Woo Hoo!”

Comment by Stan

Ooh! Ooh! Are you going to post my couch??

Comment by Dave2

Hi, I ran across your other blog via the Next Blog button, and came here from there. This is a great idea and will soon be the most popular site on the Internet. Discarded couches – what a symbol of our disposable times. Or something.

By the way, I already linked you and blogged about this.

-Stan Kost

Comment by Stan

I’ve added this as a link to my blog as well. I love this idea. It always amazes me the state of the couches when they finally make it to the curb. It’s as if they’ve been decaying in private all these months/years and now that they’re exposed to the light, all their flaws are finally obvious.

Comment by K

Up with couches!

I am most excited that there are no captchas on this blog so I can actually comment. For some reason they don’t show up on my Sidekick.

Comment by francesdanger

Ub Hollywood we used to have a couch patrol that went out and got these things. I think it was run by the Hollywood Beautification Team and was pretty successful in getting them moved quickly. They are a real pain but many of them that have not been rained or pissed upon look like they ought to go to Goodwill instead of the Dumpster.

Comment by flamebender

Hi! I see you had the same idea as me. All my pictures are posted at http://www.roadsidefurniture.com . Once again we find there’s nothing new under the sun. Good luck, feel free to share!

Comment by justfred

If your interested
check these out…



Comment by kpeII

FYI, the couch I sent with somebody on it wasn’t homeless. He was my downstairs neighbor just getting some sun eventhough we have really comfy beach lounge chairs in back. So quick to judge, Peggy, so quick to judge…;)

Comment by Dan

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